Monday, October 26, 2015

The Trials We are Not Called to Endure

I think too much sometimes.  Usually when I should be sleeping, and I'm lying awake in bed, knowing I need to sleep, but unable to do so.

Lately, my mind has turned to the subject of trials.  The trials we are called upon to endure.  And those we are not.  And why.

We live in a fallen world.  There is sadness and pain, difficulties and challenges.  The fact that we will all face trials remains.  And so we will all, at some point or another; to one degree or another, experience the sadness and pain, the difficulties and challenges.  But will also know joy.  And growth.  Learning.  Hope. 

But why the trials which we each individually face?  What is it about our particular trials that are so important for us to go through.  That is the thought I'd considered often as of late. 

I look at my own trials.  Those I've faced so far.  They have been hard.  Some I would even describe as excruciating and heart-breaking. 

I look at the trials others face and think I could not endure what they have been asked to endure. 

And I wonder:  why were they called to endure it, while I was not? 

I know it is because whatever I am to learn will come through the trials I have been and will be called upon to endure.  But some trials I've not been given -- which have been given to another -- well, honestly, it breaks my heart for them to have to endure it.  And perhaps others feel the same as they look upon me and my trials.

I have heard a quote that says something to the effect of:  If we all put our trials into a bag and had to pick out new ones... If we saw the trials others had to face, we'd be anxious to pick our own back out.  It is an interesting thought.  And I think, perhaps, it is because -- though we may not realize it -- we've already been equipped to deal with the trials and challenges we are given.  Our trials are uniquely ours, and the lessons we will gain will be so too.

Now, none of this is to say that we must do it alone.  I firmly believe in a Savior.  I believe He performed the Atonement for me.  I believe he knows how I feel.  And I believe He will help me through any trial.  In fact, I know it.  For I have felt it.  I heard a song for the first time recently.  The Primary children at church sang it as part of their Primary Program this past Sunday.  It is what one of my friends calls a "goosebump" song.  I have come to identify that feeling with the Spirit testifying to me of truth.  The song applies here.  It's beautiful, and you can listen to it here.

Anyway, those are just random (and quite badly written) musings of a tired mommy brain.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Corbin -- 4 Months

My Sweet Corbin-roo,

I've come up with a new nickname for you, in case you didn't know ;).  I don't know why, but Corbin-roo has stuck.  I like it, though.  It's cute.  Just like you.

You're 4 months old, my happy baby boy.  And you are happy most of the time.  You give the sweetest, biggest, happiest smiles, especially when people talk to you.  Your little face just lights up with that awesome smile of yours.  Your two cute little dimples come popping out (or in ;)), and it is just the best! You are super-ticklish!  From your feet to your sides to your chin, you are ticklish!  You laugh so happily when I tickle you, and from these experiences, you've learned about anticipation! 

You have spent most of the month cooing in various pitches (the high-pitched one is so adorable!), but in the last couple days, you discovered you can also scream (both happily and unhappily), so you've been doing it more and more!  I love the happy squeals and screams.  The unhappy ones, well... I could do without those.  But I'm so glad you're learning your voice abilities!

You are grabbing onto things a lot now.  You see things and can make a concerted effort (usually a successful one, if the object is within reach) to grab them.  Your grip is strong.  But then, so is almost everything about you, my big boy!  At 4 months, you're over 18 pounds.  However, you're a bit on the short side ;).  But I'm betting you'll go through a growth spurt one of these days and sprout!  Your legs are very strong and you are ready to stand!  Don't worry, the rest of your body will catch up one day, and stand you will!  You do a pretty good job of holding your bottle already, so that's awesome :).  You've been working on sitting up, with the help of the boppy.  But you have a while to go yet.  You enjoy the exersaucer a lot and the jumper chair.  Which is nice, because it means you don't want to be held all the time anymore.  You actually really like tummy time, and you can even lift your belly up off the floor for a bit when you get really excited!

You watch us very intently when we eat.  You watch the food as we pick it up and eat it.  I think you're ready to try eating something other than breastmilk and formula!  No worries, it's coming.

One thing you don't like is your car seat.  Oh my heavens, little Corbin-roo.  You do okay for about 15 minutes.  And then you're done.  And boy golly does Mommy hear about it.  All. the. way. home.  (or wherever we are going.) When you really get going, it breaks my mommy heart.  I don't like hearing your high-pitched sad cry.

You're still sleeping in the little bed-side crib in Mommy and Daddy's room, because you still aren't sleeping through the night.  You're consistently inconsistent at night, in fact ;).  You will usually sleep a good 4 or 5 hour stretch (and sometimes, on a rare but blessed occasion, you'll even do 7!), and then you'll do 3 and then 1 or 2.  But during the day, you keep to a 3-hour schedule and take 3 naps every day.

I think you'll be my little homebody.  Whereas your big sister is our adventurer who is always ready to go go go, I think you prefer to be home, sticking to the routine.  It's been amazing to learn you, my sweet Corbin boy.  To watch your personality emerge.

You are a joy, my sweet little man.  I love you so much more than words can say.  Thank you for bringing such happiness to my life.  For teaching me how to parent in a new way -- and how to love even more!  I'm looking forward to the new adventures that are sure to come with you my wonderful baby boy!

All my love always,


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Just Our Everyday Life

I know I have gotten terrible at updating this blog.  But I've discovered that I just need to accept that, because there's not much I can do about it.  My priorities are elsewhere these days.  Unfortunately, I'm also not journaling as much as I should...  But seriously, my time is gone so fast!  I'm sure many of you understand completely.  It's just one of those things you don't get until you do.  I'd never have believed how busy it can be to be an at-home-mom.  Anyone who believes we sit on our bottoms enjoying bon-bons is crazy.

That said...  Let's see what kind of photos I can upload to prove that we are still alive and still doing our thing.

(P.s...  Jeremy is on graveyard shift again.  We've gotten through 2 weeks of it and have one left.  I really really really do not enjoy this shift.  Like at all.  One of his co-workers had the nerve to ask if he wanted to trade and keep graves for another month.  I told him he could blame his wife for the answer being NO!)

And so, to some pictures!
Corbin loves the mirror.  It's super cute. 
We have been working hard to have weekly Family Home Evenings, because we believe doing so will bless our family.  You can learn more about what Family Home Evening is all about by following this link.  Anyway, as I mentioned in the previous post, Lynnaea is copying so much of what we (her parents) say.  And some of it just sounds awful coming out of a 2 year old's mouth.  We don't choose to use swear words in our home, which is probably a good thing, since she would repeat them.  But even so, there are still things we say that aren't super nice-sounding.  Like "stupid garbage."  Which she has said.  Also, she is going through the whole "NOOOO!" phase.  So, we did a Family Home Evening on nice words (those around the happy face) and not so nice words (those around the sad face).  We based some of our lesson (and Jeremy and I read over this to even help us) on the talk by Elder Holland called "The Tongue of Angels."  It's an amazing talk.  This lesson came together perfectly for our family, and I know it was inspired by the Spirit.  It's hard to be a mother, and I want what's best for my kids.  I'm not an idea person, so for this to work so well together (and we had "Angel Kisses" (meringue cookies) for treat :)) makes me know the Lord knows my heart and my good desires for my family.  He will bless me as I strive to do what is best and right in raising my sweet babies.  After all, they are His beloved children too.  Parenthood is going to help me become a better person, that's for sure.  Because I have to fix my own way of talking in order to instill it in my children!

Anyway, so that's what that picture is about.
The kids both love hearing stories at bed-time.  Lynnaea requested that Daddy read stories on that particular night.  Seriously, even Corbin loves to watch the pictures on the pages!  I love that quote that "Children become readers on the laps of their parents."  This picture depicts it so well!
Corbin is working on sitting up.  He still has a ways to go, but he has a great example in Lynnaea!  I keep telling her he will want to be just like her!  She is his example!
Love this sweet face!  And those cheeks!!!  He still has blue eyes, too.
He may be starting to teethe.  He wants to chew on everything!

Well, go I must.  Corbin just woke up from his nap, and typing is now a challenge ;).