Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Reason

Yeah, yeah...  It's been another forever since I last posted.  And there's been some really awesome stuff happen that I hope to one day highlight here (like my little up-and-coming celebrity who has been on the news in one form or fashion three times in the last month!). 

But life is busy.  And here's the reason:

Home has a new address!  And with it comes a lot of fun stuff.  Like unpacking.  And positioning.  And picking up the DVDs you put in the DVD rack... for the 50th time (thank you Corbin!).  And finding out there are a lot of projects to work on ;). 

So that's where my time goes.  But it's all good.  We are home-owners...  And I can cross something off my bucket list ;).

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

This Alabama Summer

It's hot in Alabama ;).

But I will say this:  it has been unseasonably cool many of the days.  I am counting that a tender mercy from the Lord for my first summer back!

So what have we been up to on these warm days?  Well, lots!  Here's a run-down in pictures ;).

We've gone blueberry picking twice (and then made some uber-delicious desserts with those 2 gallons of blueberries)!
We've climbed the tree in front of Grandpa's house -- and picnicked under it!

The kids have made a mess by pushing everything from the vanity in our room onto the floor, then crawling onto the vanity and acting silly ;).
Lynnaea and Daddy made a solar oven and made a s'more in it (it didn't get hot enough to toast the marshmallow, though).
Lynnaea walked around in Mommy's pajama pants.

We go to the park a lot.  We also go to Landmark Park quite a bit, since we bought the yearly membership.  But I don't have any pictures of that yet.  But we have seen snakes and pigs and a cow and sheep and mules...  And Mommy learned a bit about honey extraction!  (I'm seriously considering trying to raise bees once we are in our own house...)
  And we've played in the sprinkler and the pool -- rain OR shine.  Just so happens the 4th of July brought lots of rain!  But Daddy was a trooper, and since there was no thunder...  Why not play in the rain?!?

And me?  Well, I like to take selfies to check out my gray hair :/....
Okay, okay...  That's not all I do ;).  I'm not that vain.  I've been reading a lot.  I'm participating in the Summer Reading Challenge!  So far, I've got 5 down since the beginning of the Summer Reading Challenge:  Sense and Sensibility, The Scorch Trials, Dead Wake, How to Win Friends and Influence People, and Me Before You.  Currently I'm working on The Lost Symbol.  But, once we reach Friday, I imagine my reading time will diminish significantly -- if all goes well :). 

And, speaking of the Summer Reading Challenge...  Lynnaea is a book fanatic!  She has read (well, had read to her...) 105 books so far in one month!  Corbin is almost at 40.  He doesn't have the attention span she does.  He is all boy.  But he is getting more interested in books, and I'm loving it!  I love that reading is a big part of my babies' lives.  I'm loving my babies too, by the way.  They are pretty amazing.