Saturday, March 31, 2018

Katherine -- 3 Months

Dearest Katherine,

You are 3 months old today!  It's a small miracle that I'm managing to get this written today (or at the very least, started...  Who knows what will happen in the next five minutes ;)). 

Katherine, you are the perfect addition to this crazy family!  You are generally mellow and calm, tolerant and patient.  I often have to put you in your swing or your rock and play or in Corbin's crib (yes, he still sleeps in that) to look at his mobile while I get stuff done.  Because there is always something to do.  But you accept it and find things to stare at.  You're particularly fond of that mobile and will happily stare at it while "talking" to it for up to 15 minutes at a time.  You're just amazing! 

You are a champion sleeper, Katherine!  Though you still take a lot of shorter naps during the day (usually after being up for an hour to an hour and a half), you will usually go down between 9:30 and 10:30 at night and sleep until at least 6:30 the next morning.  Again, you are patient.  You wait for us to get Lynnaea and Corbin to sleep before going to sleep yourself with your last feeding of the night.  And that's a nice time for you and me, Katherine.  We go and sit in the dark room in the glider and you nurse and drink your bottle until you're asleep.  I am able to hold your sweet little sleeping body against my chest for a while before I lay you down, and I can whisper how much I love you. 

Because I do.  More than words can say.  You are my baby, just as Lynnaea and Corbin are.  Again I have learned that love grows.  There is always enough love. 

You are so strong, my precious girl.  You lift up your head really well and completely support it these days.  You'll sit in your Bumbo chair sometimes (though that's not your favorite thing yet) and look around at your world.  You can "stand" in my and Daddy's laps when we hold your hands.  Not for super-long periods of time, but for a decent amount.  Your legs are your main support.  And you love to do it and look into our faces.

You love being talked to and smiled at.  And you have a big, beautiful happy smile that crinkles your eyes into those happy smiley eyes I love so much.  And you're really starting to "talk"!!  You make some of the happiest sounds!  And even most of your fussy sounds (which aren't heard often) sound so cute I can't help but laugh.  You are generally only fussy when you get tired and are ready for a nap.  Then I put you on my shoulder, and we walk.  I'm pretty sure I've also heard the beginnings of laughter come out.  I'm so excited to hear those happy giggles!

Many people have commented to me that you look like Corbin (I totally agree) and that you're very alert and aware.  Many people commented the same on both of your siblings, so that doesn't really surprise me.  You definitely are, though.  I love watching you watch your surroundings.  True, with an older sister and brother, your surroundings are quite chaotic most of the time.  So I'm sure there's a lot to take in! 

You still love bath time.  You aren't splashing yet, but I'm sure that will come soon.  For now you just sit contentedly in your tub while I bathe you, and you watch me so intently as I talk about washing your hair and your sweet face -- and all your chubby baby fat rolls.  (Don't worry, you're a healthy baby and both Lynnaea and Corbin had those same baby fat rolls!)

You are definitely healthy!  You're about 15 pounds now and 23 1/2" long.  And at your 2-month check-up a little less than a month ago, your pediatrician said you're perfect and he wouldn't change a thing!  I agree -- you are amazingly perfect.

I love you, my precious baby. I don't even have the words to say how much.  Though my time is so divided, I'm grateful for the bits of time here and there that are just for you and me.  I'm grateful I can feel your little hands wrap around my fingers as you fall asleep at night.  Grateful I can hold you in my arms and watch you sleep your sweet sleep.  I love your cute little jiggly cheeks and your big toothless smile.  I love that, as I talk to you while you get a diaper change, you're always giving me the happiest smiles.  Sometimes I forget it, in the chaos of the every day, but I really am living the dream.  Time will pass and you will grow.  And I will forget the exact feel of your body asleep on mine and your fingers wrapped around mine.  So I am grateful for these moments I have and try so hard to cherish being in the moment to experience these wonderful joys of motherhood. 

Thank you, Katherine, for choosing me to be your mommy.  I'm so far from perfect and so far from the kind of mommy I hoped to be.  But I'm grateful every day I get to  be a mommy to you, to Lynnaea, and to Corbin. 

All my love,


Friday, March 2, 2018

Katherine -- 2 Months

Dear Katherine,

You were born on the 31st.  Not all months have that day, so we are calling today, March 2nd, close enough ;).  You have grown so much in this past month, my sweet girl!

The most exciting news is that you have figured out sleep (at least, once you fall asleep...  But that's a detail for later.).  Once you fall asleep at night, you sleep a minimum of 5 1/2 hours, but usually it's 7 1/2.  And you've even done 8 1/2!!!  Mommy is a really big fan of this.

But, as I mentioned in that paragraph, we sometimes have a bear of a time getting you to go to sleep.  Which has been the case tonight :/...  You fight sleep like you wouldn't believe.  Much like your big sister, I have to take you in to a dark, quiet room to drink your last bottle for you to go to sleep.  And sometimes it's still a struggle.  This means you never go to bed before your older siblings, because one thing you will probably never know is a quiet house (except after they are in bed).

You are awake a lot more these days.  You love looking around and noticing your world.  I've gotten several comments on how alert you are.  Also comments about how well you hold up your head and how much you look like both Lynnaea and Corbin.  Most people say you look like Corbin, but there are some people who say Lynnaea.  Either way, you are clearly their sibling and they can't deny you!

Not that they would want to.  They love you.  Lynnaea loves to hold you and will squeal happily (and loudly) when she sees you every day.  Corbin loves you in his own way, which often includes getting right in your face and then getting in trouble for not being gentle enough.  But he also likes to hold you for about 30 seconds ;).

You love your baths and are always very calm during them.  You just stare at me while I bathe you.  Your sweet little squishy face is so adorable

And let me say this: you may be our 3rd baby, but you've given us plenty of firsts.  Including what can only be called "squirt gun poop."  Yeah, it's as fun as it sounds.  You are frequently surprising us mid-diaper change with extra poops.  And sometimes it squirts far enough to hit the edge of the diaper changing table :/.  Yuck.  We've had some massive clean-up days!

You are starting to be more content to be put in your swing or on your play mat for a bit during the day.  But overall you still want to be held.

You are precious and cute and I think you will be curious.  As #3 kiddo, you certainly don't get the immediate attention that Lynnaea got all the time.  But you do demand plenty of that attention and you certainly get it!  You are the smallest and it seems the smallest member of the family rules the roost!  We love you, sweet Katherine.  Every day we are grateful you are ours.

Love Always,