Saturday, August 8, 2015

Corbin -- 2 Months

My Dear, Sweet Corbin,

You actually turned 2 months yesterday.  But since we also had your well-baby check (and you got 3 shots!), we had a rough afternoon and I was lucky to get some pictures of you on your 2nd month-day in which you weren't screaming in pain or misery.  So I decided it was better to write this later :). 

Oh sweet Corbin.  You are my precious boy.  We have ups and downs.  You are a true "hold me" baby.  You always want to be held.  Sometimes that makes things very hard for Mommy.  But we figure it out.  And, actually, you are getting more and more okay with resting in your papasan chair while I work on daily chores.  I know it is because you are developing more and able to enjoy the world around you more as you focus on things and observe from your low vantage point.  I wonder what things must look like to you ;).

Oh you are smiling more and more each day!  It is the best!  Your dimples are simply adorable, and every lady who sees them just melts about how cute you are!  You are your happiest in the mornings.  You also are very happy when Lynnaea pays special attention to you.  Sometimes it seems like she's trying to squeeze your guts out when she hugs you...  But you don't seem to mind.  You smile away!  I tell her that she is going to be one of your very favorite people.  But think I may be wrong...  I think she already is.

We have transitioned you to your bed-side crib over the last couple weeks.  You've taken to it like a champ.  Sometimes I miss sleeping with you in the recliner though.  The truth is, sometimes I wish it was just you and I so I could sit and hold you for hours and let you sleep on me.  But...  That's not how it is.  We have our sweet Lynnaea, and she needs love and attention too.  And I wouldn't change that -- and I don't think you would either!  I just know that I wish I had more opportunities to sit and hold you for hours and hours.

You slept for 5 hour stretches two nights last week!  That was exciting for Mommy!  And last night you even slept for 7!  (But that may have just been due to you feeling so yucky after your shots, so I'm not holding you to that ;)).  I think more sleep will benefit us both, so I'm hoping we're moving in that direction for good! 

Of course, you also have had 2 colds (again, courtesy of your sweet sister ;)) in your life.  And one of them has been this past week.  Which means you didn't sleep as well and went back to waking every 3 hours.  So we'll see if things get to where they were as far as sleeping once you're completely over this mess!

And just so you know...  We can already tell you're going to have some red tints in your hair.  And I'm starting to believe you're going to keep those sweet blue eyes :).  And you are a big boy!  We learned you are 15 pounds 3 ounces at your well-baby check-up!  So you are our chunky monkey!  But you're perfect, little Corbin man.  You are perfect to me.  I love you so very much, my sweet boy.  And I always will.

Love Always,


Thursday, August 6, 2015

In the Still of the Night

Well, this is a song title post!  I didn't even plan it :).

It's a rare thing, but I'm sitting here watching an episode of Wings while my babies are asleep and my husband is at work.  I should probably be getting into bed while Corbin is sleeping...  But the need for mommy time is just too great.  I can sleep when I'm dead.  (Haha, not really... this sleep deprivation thing is rough!)

Corbin had two nights where he slept a 5 hour stretch.  I got hopeful.  And then he changed his mind and decided he didn't want to continue the trend.  Of course, he also has a cold (the second one of his life.  Lynnaea didn't have her first cold until she was around 7 months old.  I'm thinking this is the joy of having an older sibling who is more than willing to share her germs!)

Well, the still is over, just in case you wondered ;).
Oh how I love this girl!!!  She is getting so big!
Catching some smiles!!  Check out those dimples!!
I went with some friends and their kids to the Children's Museum in Tacoma.  It was awesome.
Lynnaea had so much fun there.  We didn't even scratch the surface, so we will be going back.  And then, because we were in Tacoma...  This happened!!!
Washington finally has a Chick-fil-A!!!  Woohoo!!!  It was ridiculously hot in Washington that day... Hence my red face.  Blah.  But what a great day!
My beautiful girl and I painted our toes for our activity for Family Night.  Woohoo!  She picked blue ;).  She thought it was the coolest thing ever.
Just another smiley shot before we say goodnight :).