Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Best-Laid Plans of Mice... and Preggo Ladies

Remember on Tuesday how I said I'd hopefully write more tomorrow?

Yeah, that didn't happen.  I've learned to throw in words that will excuse me ahead of time.  Like I always now say "I'll be there around 10ish..."  That way, when I'm the inevitable 15 minutes late, it's forgivable ;).

Anyway.  So I didn't get around to it yesterday.  Lynnaea woke up in the middle of the night Tuesday night with a stuffed up nose.  So yesterday's plans got side-lined majorly.  She ended up sleeping with me (with Jeremy on grave shift and a whole bed to myself, I've found very little motivation to lose sleep by trying to get her back to sleep in her room...  And yes, I'll be suffering the repercussions of said choice later, I know.  Because she has slept with me for at least 2 hours each night for the last 4...).

The good news is my placenta is high now and we are not looking at a scheduled c-section.  A last-minute c-section is always a possibility, of course.  But so far, we're looking like things will be without complications (and hoping that that's true too!).  They say Baby weighs about 5 pounds 4 ounces.  I'd be concerned about that number (given the fact that babies are known to gain 1 pound a week in the last 4 or so -- and that makes at least a 9 pound baby!), but I also know their numbers aren't all that accurate.  I have a friend who was told her baby was already 10 pounds around 35 weeks.  At birth he was 8 and change.  So there ya go.  We'll know when the baby's born if he/she is a large baby or not.  Truthfully, I'm hoping not.  I have to push Baby out, after all...  But by the time we do find out actual weight, it won't matter, as Baby will be out :).  Also, Baby is head-down.  So unless Baby decides to be a pill and turn around (which is probably more trouble than it's worth these days with not so much room in there...), we are good to go for non-breach!

So here's an ultrasound picture (not the greatest of quality, but that's okay).
And here's me at 33 weeks on Tuesday night (about 11 p.m.)
And here's a picture of Lynnaea in her new rocking chair.  This is a very special gift from her Aunt and Uncle in Eastern Washington.  And she loves it!  She got into it immediately and started rocking and saying "rock rock." 
Wow she's a cute kid.  But also a pill...  I just turned around to check on her (because she was being that suspicious amount of quiet) and she was literally right behind me, drawing on her bouncy horse in green ink.  And now guess who has been restricted from pen use?!  (This is after she closed herself in her room yesterday and colored all over her knees with black ink...).  Oh the mischievous little munchkin!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The (Very) Short of the Long

Baby = growing well (estimated 5 pounds 4 ounces already, but I'm pretty sure their numbers are always higher when guessing at this point)

Placenta = high (yay!)

Mommy = exhausted

More to come, hopefully tomorrow.  With a couple pics.  Peace out.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What a Week!

So you may have noticed I never got around to posting that 31 week picture as I said I would.  Life.  It happens.
So there is today's 32 week picture.  That way I can say I managed ;).  That's my Lynnaea in the foreground, chasing her bubbles.  She loves bubbles.

Anyway, it's been quite a week.  Last Thursday I started to feel particularly overwhelmed and exhausted.  Like brought-me-to-tears-at-the-end-of-the-day emotionally exhausted and physically exhausted.  It was like I couldn't go an hour without needing to sit down and rest.  Which made me feel like an awesome mommy, let me tell you.  I think the TV was on a lot that day...  The plus side is that my little sweet girl has started to snuggle with me more, so I enjoyed her snuggles a lot.  But at the end of the day, when I felt like I hadn't accomplished nearly enough, I just felt like failure.  With a capital F. 

Friday wasn't much better.  I managed to go to the grocery store and take Lynnaea to the park.  But again, I was beat.  I slept multiple times (while my toddler watched TV nearby) and suddenly realized that maybe, just maybe, I'd caught whatever bug has been going around.  Because it had me whooped. 

Saturday things seemed improved.  And Jeremy was home, so that was helpful.  He's been working A LOT lately.  His most recent check had 27 hours of overtime, if that tells you anything.  And don't give me the whole "but look at the money he's earning!" thing.  Yes, the financial benefits are great and all, but there is a limit to what money can buy.  I'm grateful for our financial security, I truly am.  But these days, I could use my husband home more as I get larger and larger.  And especially on days when I'm sick. 

But I digress.  So Saturday was looking up.  We even went out to eat as a family, because I was still really tired and slept a lot again (Jeremy gave me lots of time to nap, since he knew I was so tired).  Well, by about 9 Saturday night, I realized dinner may have been a mistake.  It felt like a lead brick in my stomach and I went to bed hoping I wouldn't throw up.  Fun.  I didn't, by the way.  But all through the night my stomach didn't feel normal. 

Today finally confirmed to me that I must have had some weird bug that was wiping me out.  Because I woke up this morning and felt like a new woman.  It was a beautiful thing.  Funny what we take for granted.  For a while there I was worried it was just that I was an old fat pregnant lady and this was going to be my lot in life for the next 8 weeks.  I'm thankful to say it seems that is not the case.  Today I was able to keep going and have a busy day and not even take a single nap.  Not that I'd have minded a nap.  But there simply wasn't time.

Because we had toddler story time this morning.  Then home for lunch.  Then nap for Lynnaea, during which time I tried to get a few things knocked out on the computer.  Jeremy came home early from work around 1 so that he could go with me and Lynnaea to my Stork Express visit (pre-registration for the hospital and having a baby in June!) and then we went to Costco.  Where I wore a poor choice in shoes (flip flops) given the way the weather turned out (rainy rainy rainy) and the way the water slickens up the paint on the asphalt in front of Costco (yes, I made up that word, but I like it).  My flip flops have no grip.  And I slipped.  Fortunately I caught myself, but I have a lovely bruise on my right shin now.  Just call me Grace.  Jeremy had previously left the store with Lynnaea and was waiting in the van, due to her decision to have a meltdown over not getting to sit in the back of the cart...  Ah, parenthood.

So yeah, it's been quite the week.  And I'm tired.  Baby is moving around a lot still.  We will find out next Tuesday if things are well placenta-wise.  It was a bit low (close to the cervix) at my last ultrasound, so they are doing another to see if it migrated.  If not, we may be looking at a scheduled c-section.

And to end on a high note -- and the cutest note ever...  Here are some pictures of my Lynnaea girl from the last week.
I love this cheesy girl.  She is so happy.  She carries around her stuffed toys (she especially loves bunnies) and is so loving with them.  She gives them lots of kisses, puts them to sleep, etc.  She is also starting to want to choose what she wears.  It doesn't always match -- or look particularly great together (take the outfit in the picture above...).  But it's a choice she can make and it's a harmless one.  Who cares if her outfit clashes?  She is learning to choose, and this is a way I can help her be able to.  And she's happy.
One benefit of letting her choose her outfits, too, is that she is more cooperative about getting dressed.  You can't tell in this picture, but she was running around in just a diaper.  Which wouldn't matter so much if it wasn't still a little on the chilly side here -- and if I could trust her not to disappear and take off her diaper...  It's a new thing, this desire to run around half-dressed.  She cracks me up.  She is really developing more and more of her personality every day and she wants to express herself more and more -- and have her way more and more.  She's becoming her own little self.  It's amazing to watch her grow and develop.  I cannot believe she is almost 2.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Two Weeks Pass Quickly

A little two quickly for this girl to keep up with!  That said, I'm mostly going to post pictures.

A couple things to note:  Jeremy and I celebrated 3 years of marriage in March.  It's been a pretty quick 3 years.  It's a good life ;).

I am sometimes great at taking my camera places... and not so great at actually using it while there.  Like for Easter dinner at my mom's house.  Ooops.

Today was a super-productive day!  Two loads of laundry, strip and make both beds, cut out 20 hexagons for my next 2 "I Spy Quilts" (for my new baby and Christina's little boy to be born soon), dishes (times 3!), dinner (mac and cheese -- homemade, salad, french bread), THREE loaves of french bread, delivered 2 loaves to friends just to say "thinking about you," and THRIVE stuff.  It may not sound like a lot, but it's a lot for me these days.  Plus the usual mommy things like feeding a toddler, coloring with a toddler, bathing a toddler, etc ;).  It was a full day, and my body is happy to sit and relax.  So on that note, I'm going to post some pics so I can get some reading in before I hit the sack and recuperate! 

Oh yeah, and last week was an insanely busy week.  Had a THRIVE Jar Meal party which was way more successful than either my friend or I anticipated!  Which is a good thing.  But we really learned A LOT.  We're planning to do it again in May.  Went to Seattle with my mom and grandma on Thursday so my mom didn't have to do it alone.  Went to the Pompeii exhibit at the Pacific Science Center.  Lynnaea loved the butterfly house and the touch pool and the toddler area.  And she loved just being on an adventure.   It was an exhausting day, though.  
This picture was taken on Thursday before we headed to Seattle.  I sure love my girl.  We were wearing blue for Autism Awareness.
She totally wanted me to give her the camera here.
Here we are all when we finally made it to the Science Center.  It was an upside down mirror we were trying to show Lynnaea.  She liked waving at herself.
We took a few pictures outside of the Pompeii exhibit while waiting to go in.  Lynnaea loved looking at the water around the Science Center.
The Pompeii Exhibit was interesting, but so crowded.  And I had a toddler who couldn't care less.  So I didn't get to enjoy it as much as I otherwise would have.  However, it did make me want to add a book about Pompeii to my ever-growing to-read list.  Intriguing stuff.
My girl is growing up!  She loved touching everything in the touch pool that she could!  She was very brave.  She is my little adventurer!
Easter carnage...  And actually, this was the tame part.  Before long, that purple stuff was strewn from the window to the kitchen!  She loved playing in it.  And I figure it's just part of childhood, so why be a fun-killer ;).  Easter was pretty low-key.  We did a few plastic eggs with gummy bunnies in them and pictures of the Savior I'd cut out of the Ensign magazine folded up inside too; so we could talk about each picture.  Plus we gave her a new toothbrush and training toothpaste (she chews on her toothbrushes and they don't last long...) and a Disney Princesses cup with a straw.  Nothing fancy, but she loved it all anyway.  Especially the gummies -- which we eventually took away since she doesn't have a moderation button...  And she found them pretty darn fast -- like before we were ready to eat breakfast.  Ergo, in an effort to not have gummy bunnies for breakfast, we confiscated them and have been doling them out a little at a time.  So maybe I am a kill-joy after all ;).
On the way back from my mom's house after Easter dinner.  She loved riding on Daddy's shoulders!  I think ti's her new favorite, because when we went to deliver our loaves of bread today, she requested to be put up there again!  (She is also starting to remember a lot more!  Which can be scary -- no more 'out of sight out of mind' going on here!)
This morning, after I made her bed, she crawled in it with her quillow from her grandma (Jeremy's mom) and a blanket and a spitty and just laid there while I was making the bed in our room.  She is just such a sweet girl.  Oh, and have I mentioned that she is now a successful toddler-bed sleeper!?!  Yay!  I was so seriously ready to throw in the towel and give up after 4 nights of very little sleep.  Fortunately, Jeremy was a patient trooper and just kept working with her. 
And this was while doing laundry.  I got all the laundry folded and put away, so she started using the basket as her new sitting spot -- with quillow, blanket and bunnies for company!  She is so much fun.

Anyway, so that's that :).  Oh, and I'll be 31 weeks tomorrow.  Will try to post a picture later this week.