Monday, June 13, 2016

Corbin: 1 Year Old

Dearest Corbin,

Oh sweet boy...  I'm late posting this, but that's partially because it took us 3 days to finish your 1st birthday celebration!  You had a fever all day on your birthday, and you were just so miserable.  Then, the next day, you spiked a fever in the afternoon.  But I had already baked and decorated the cake, so we sang to you anyway.  And you ate a piece.  But you were still pretty miserable.  So we waited on the presents.  Until Friday.  Since Daddy got home at 8 p.m. on Thursday (boo!).

You learned a lot over the last month of your "babyhood" (though you were technically a toddler already).  You learned how to get off of the bed the correct way.  You learned how to give Mommy kisses!  (I think that's the sweetest, too ;)).  You started running a little.  And climbing more (ack!).  We know you understand what we are saying, because your reactions give you away.  You are capable of being the most obstinate little stinker in the world.  But you're also able to show off your sweet side too.  The verdict is that you have your mommy's number.  Sigh.

You are a charmer!  You play peek-a-boo, sometimes with your hands, and it's so adorable!  People ooh and aah over how cute you are with your dimples and your cheesy grin.  And, truly, you are adorable.

Much like your mama, you don't like the heat.  Which makes Alabama summers a true joy indeed!  You love to play and run and be free...  You just don't like how hot you get.  And you get hot and sweaty pretty much immediately.

You still only have 6 teeth, but I am suspicious that there are more on the way.  But you do awesome work with the chompers you have.  You really enjoy strawberries and raspberries.  You love yogurt raisins and macaroni and cheese.  You're not a fan of Brussels sprouts (but who is?), and you are usually willing to try just about anything edible.  And anything not edible too.

You are very, very ticklish.  It is so funny to hear you laugh when you get tickled.  You like music -- or anything with a beat -- and you love to "dance" that "up-down" dance that is common to your age.  Again:  ADORABLE!

It's not all roses, Corbin.  We have some very hard days.  Usually they are the days you are extra-clingy and extra whiney.  The days when you throw one of your "I'm mad, so I'm going to cry until I can't breathe and pass out" fits.  Oh, those are such hard days.  But there are many good days, and even more good moments (even in the hard days).  And I love you, Corbin.  Each night, as I hold you while you fall asleep, I am thankful for those quiet moments.  Recently, I realized how I don't really hold your sister that way anymore.  So I did it one day, and I saw how big she has gotten.  And I realize in those moments how brief this time is.  There will come a day you will be as big as she is -- and she'll be even bigger.  The days are coming when you won't want me to hold you -- you won't reach your chubby little arms into the air for me to pick you up.  The days are coming, I know too well.  Because I've seen them go with your big sister.  And so, I will work harder to cherish each moment.  With you and with her.  Because I love you.  And I love her.  With all my heart.  Always.

Happy One Year, my big boy.  Thank you for being mine.

Love Always,


 This sad face was what he looked like for most of his birthday.
 But I did get a couple smiles from him when he was feeling a bit better.

 The day after his birthday, when we actually sang to him and ate cake.  He still wasn't feeling the greatest, poor little guy.

 But by Friday, he was back to his happy (and mischievous!) self!  Love that grin!
 So we opened his presents :).

 And on Saturday, he got a big boy hair cut!