Sunday, April 17, 2016

Corbin: 10 Months (and 10 Days)

Dear Corbin,

Well, when you turn 10 months somewhere between Leavenworth, Kansas and Paducah, Kentucky; it's a little tricky for your mom to be on time!  But I did manage to take your pictures on the right day at a Red Roof Inn in Paducah :).  Right at the end of our crazy, adventurous trip across the country to Alabama. 

So what have you been doing up to this point?  Well, you started walking.  Not much, but once you made some actual progress (meaning maybe 4 steps) at your Uncle Brad's house on the 3rd, I decided to count it.  You also learned how to climb stairs.  Let me just say that the whole stair climbing thing could have waited for another time -- like 3 years from now ;)!  Haha. 

You gravitate towards rocks and sticks.  As your Grandma said many times, you are all boy.  You are an awesome eater, and you have enjoyed many, many, many different things.  You love bananas.  You know what they are.  And if you see me getting one, you get pretty antsy until you get your own big piece. 

By the way, you were a super awesome trooper for our cross-country trip!  It was a lot of hours in the car, but you handled it like a champ.  And you charmed a lot of people with that adorable dimpled smile!

You got two new teeth this past month (finally).  And you had a few bigger owies as a result, like when you would bonk your mouth on something and end up bleeding.  It's sad :(. 

Sleeping is also pretty decent these days.  Many days, you only take one nap at the same time as Lynnaea.  But sometimes you still take 2.  And at night you sleep pretty well, especially when you have your own space! 

You are still a sweet little guy, Corbin.  You are sometimes a pill.  And often dramatic.  But still the sweetest little Corbin-roo.  And I love you every day more and more :).



Sunday, April 10, 2016

We Made It

Well, we made it.  I hope to someday (soon) blog our cross-country trip.  It was awesome and tiring.  The kids were amazing. 

I also have to blog my sweet Corbin's 10 month.  Which happened en route to Alabama.  Yes, I managed to take his picture!  I just haven't yet managed to write his monthly letter. 

But we are here.  And this week will be full of trying to get settled.  House-hunting, bank-hunting, apartment-hunting, car-hunting...  You name it, we have to do it.  But it's good.  And I know it will all work out.  I have seen the hand of the Lord in this major, life-changing move.  He is aware of us.  He has prepared a path.  He led us here.  And it will be good.  (And maybe we'll manage to get back to doing Family Night again!  Ack!)