Friday, August 10, 2018

Katherine -- 7 Months

Oh my Lovely Katherine,

I blew it.  I missed your 6 month post.  We were on vacation in Washington when you turned 6 months, so I didn't have ready access to a computer.  I told myself I'd write it when we got back.  And then that didn't happen either.  And here I am, a week late writing your 7 month post.  I am not quite sure how one extra kiddo (that's you, sweet cheeks ;)) has made it so my time flies by; but you have!  I was determined, though, not to let the whole month pass this time without writing a little something. And I'll do my very best not to let it happen again.  For the record, you did a great job traveling on the airplane and showed your Grandma and Grandpa in Washington what a sweet girl you are. Did I mention you had your first two teeth by the time you were 6 months?  Well, you did :).  The two front bottoms.

So you've mastered the whole sitting up by yourself thing.  You love to sit and play with your toys, and you'll actually sit quite contentedly doing so when you're in a happy mood.  Which is not in the evenings.  You love to eat "real" food and have tried many varieties of baby food.  You're a good eater.  You also love to feed yourself, so you enjoy Cheerios (which you sometimes don't manage to get in your mouth) and those rice rusk things.  Those are actually your faves, because they are big and you don't have to have those pesky fine motor skills.  But you really are doing well with those anyway, because you are great at picking up the Cheerios.  It's just a little tougher getting them into your mouth. You're great at grabbing:  hair, other peoples' food, toys you shouldn't have...  Ugh.  If it's even remotely within your reach, you go for it!

And, of course, everything goes in your mouth!  You learned how to click your tongue and sometimes you get into a kick of doing that repeatedly.  It's cute.  You've also started making the early talking sounds:  babababa, yayayaya

You continue to have the best laugh!  I wish I could write it's sound equivalent, but I can't.  Hopefully I'll manage to get it recorded.  Lynnaea still has the ability to make you laugh the most, and we are so grateful she is your big sister.  She's a phenomenal one.

You love bath-time and playing with toys.  Specifically Lynnaea's swimming pony.  You also like to suck on wet washcloths (so I have to bring two to the tub:  one for bathing and one for sucking on!).  You pretty much let me know how much you don't like when I take you out of the bath.

You've become a pretty terrible napper.  Some days you'll take one 2 hour nap and a couple of 45 minute ones.  Some days they are all about an hour.  Some days you'll have one hour-long nap and the rest are like 20 minutes.  So I never know how the day is going to go.  It drives me a little crazy, because I'm kind of a schedule-freak.  But I'm learning to just deal with it.  You pretty much always sleep through the night, so I can't really complain all that much!

You are a mama's girl.  You're happy with Daddy, but once you're tired, you want Mommy.  There are times you are absolutely inconsolable until I hold you, even if Daddy's been holding you and trying to calm you.  You're also my longest-nursing baby.  You pretty much are nursing just for comfort now, so we usually nurse just a couple times a day.  But when you're really upset or tired, that's what you want to do to fall asleep.  Probably a bad habit, but you know...  It'll all work out in the end.

You are a strong girl.  You are beginning to stand on your own while holding onto the couch in the play room.  And you laugh like you know this is a big accomplishment.  You are a smart too.  I love looking at your face as you are working things out.  And I love your blue eyes.  And how your smile lights up your face.  And just everything about you.  You are my sweet baby 3.  And I'll love you forever and ever.

Love Always,


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